The foot is one of the most overlooked body parts when it comes to personal hygiene. After a long day of walking, sweating, and sock-wearing, many of us just say, “well, I let the water run over my feet in the shower.” Can you imagine if you asked someone if they brush their teeth and they said, “well, I just swish water when I drink it once a day”? Doesn’t sound so good, right?

So why is foot cleaning so neglected? For one, feet are difficult to reach. They’re the furthest body part from our hands, after all. And forget about seeing their bottom–you pretty much have to be a contortionist to have a chance to get at them. For so many people, washing their feet isn’t even an option. Bending over and lifting one foot in a slippery shower is a definite slip-and-fall situation for millions of people. And then there’s the question of what to clean with? Who wants to use the same sponge to clean your body after scrubbing up your feet? It’s no wonder foot cleaning is overlooked when it’s inaccessible to so many.

VertaClean is the foot cleaning device of the future. The design allows you to suds up, scrub your feet, and rinse, all without bending over. With minimal effort or ability, you can have completely clean feet in under 30 seconds. VertaClean is engineered to provide stability and ingenious function to the shower that has never been seen before. Once you experience VertaClean, you’ll never consider washing your feet any other way.

VertaClean was designed to be a tool to achieve healthier feet. However if you have any specific medical conditions, please check with your medical professional first.

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